Vinyl, Aluminum, Steel, Engineered Wood, Cellular Composite & Fiber Cement Siding

There are many styles & colours to choose from. Depending on your taste and price range we can provide and install a variety of products including: contractor grade vinyl… commercial quality steel… upscale cement siding.

Aluminum Capping

Trying to clean up your place? How about recapping some window frames! Tired of painting? Ask us about replicating the trims down your gable fascia boards!


Even new homes can have a problem with the caulking around windows and doors. As the house settles the framing dries out and pulls everything in… including your windows! On older homes the caulking may have dried out, discoloured or maybe even have fallen off. Let us help you keep your home as air tight as possible!

Rigid Insulation

Renovating? Retrofitting? If insulating from the inside of the house would be too troublesome, how about insulating the outside of the walls? Including my own home, we have installing rigid insulation over slate siding, plywood and shiplap!

Custom Scribing

Are you using stonework masonry on your project? Worried about large gaps between the soffit and stone? We have the solution! Check out our gallery photos and you’ll appreciate this concept.

Eavestrough & Trough Protection

From leaky corners to entire home installs, from damaged downpipes to cleaning out your trough… we’ve got you covered!

Screen Doors

Want to enjoy some fresh air without letting the dog out or the flies in? How about a new screen door? There are many different styles and colours to choose from.

Pillars, Railings & Posts

How about a stylish aluminum pillar to accentuate the front door… We can install it! Since the building code often requires railings to be present… We can install them!


Water Leaks

Noticed the drywall cracking in the garage? Can’t figure out why mold is growing under the bay window? Is a constant drip driving you crazy? Let us investigate!

Venting Trouble

Roofs require proper ventilation to endure…Bathrooms need proper ventilation to breathe…Furnaces/Chimneys call for proper ventilation to be efficient…Let us inspect!

Unsightly Workmanship

Happy with everything except that one last thing? Calling and calling to no avail? Your contractor won’t return to repair it? Let us interject!

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