Vinyl, Fiber Cement, Cellular Composite & Engineered Wood Siding, Done Right.

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Since 1990, I have been working with my hands in the roofing and siding industry. Starting as a sixteen year old greenhorn working for Stewart’s Roofing in Leamington, I learned a lot about the trade of roofing (both pitched roofs and flat roofs). I learned from the best. On the days that I was sent with the siding crew I enjoyed myself immensely. When installing siding and all of its flashings and accessories, caulking and special accent pieces an installer is encouraged to think, to plan ahead and to outwit the outside elements.

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Installation Services

Depending on your taste and price range we can provide and install a variety of products like contractor grade vinyl, commercial quality steel, upscale cement siding and more

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Problem Solving

Noticed the drywall cracking in the garage? Can’t figure out why mold is growing under the bay window? Is a constant drip driving you crazy? Let us investigate!

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