Our Commitment

As you are paying for a job well done, we want to be “worthy of the cheque” when we finish the job.


We enjoy meeting people! Over a heart-felt conversation or a leaky chimney flashing there is always a story to be told. In our fast-paced & busy world there doesn’t seem to be time for relationships… but this is untrue. We enjoy knowing our customers enough to be able to talk about more than just nailing siding to their house. We are all built for community!

Down to Earth Explanations

We want you to understand our lingo! Explaining the process that we will use, and helping you to understand how and why this process occurs & going over the job from start to finish, gives you peace of mind that you completely understand the course of action.

Plenty of

From colour to style, from the installation technique to finished look… Omega Services has options! Since we utilize materials from many different manufacturers we can give you many choices. Whether you’re renovating and want to tie in to something older or you’re building new and have seen products that you think would look great on your place… we will work with you.

A Listening

We pride ourselves on hearing your concern, understanding your hesitancy & envisioning your dream! Often, our customers have an idea, a picture or even a set of plans but they can’t seem to be able to understand what would look right on their home. After hearing your inspiration and, without being overbearing, we will give our advice and suggestions which will enhance your original plan.


“Hold on as I take this call!“ We’ve all had to deal with this statement before! You’ll never have this experience when dealing with Omega Services. You’re our most important customer when we’re on your site.

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